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Bun Throwing

Bun Throwing

It’s tradition, that at every major royal event, buns are thrown from the top of Abingdon Guildhall. It’s one of those brilliantly British events, like cheese rolling and such like.

Well this jubilee was no exception. As it was raining quite heavily, my OH & I donned our wellies and set out to catch some buns. We prepared ourselves with a drink from Throwing Buns, me with a chai & my OH with a coffee. At 6pm, the buns started flying off the roof. Now we were all pretty wet. The buns were quite wet. I’m not great at catching so began to get pretty scared of being hit in the face with a bun! A very lovely lady next to me very kindly gave me a bun that she had caught, mainly because I think it was obvious that I had no chance of catching anything!

Bun Throwing

My OH caught two buns & very quickly put them in his pocket. I didn’t & my bun got soaked! It is such a unique event & I love being part of a town that has such a weird celebration! It was great to see such a fab turn out, despite the weather. Can’t wait for the next one!

Coffee Cosy

Crafty Chai Coffee Cosy

As a crafter I get really inspired looking at what other people are doing. I love looking at Pinterest for this very reason. There are so many gifted people out there doing amazing things. One craft blog I really like is Cornflower Blue. Reading through some of her posts I noticed this one on a coffee sleeve. It looked simple enough so I thought I’d give it a go. But this meant learning some new knitting skills: Using a circular needle & using the Magic Loop technique.

I bought my circular needle on a trip to Loop earlier on in the year. They recommended that I use the Magic Loop technique for smaller projects. When I looked at them blankly, they suggested I watch the help videos on www.knittinghelp.com. I’m so glad they did. I couldn’t have made the cosy without their help.

It took me ages, and I mean ages, to get it. I tried to use double pointed needles but I soon realised that I am far too cift to use these. I was really slow to start with & made silly obvious mistakes. My first few attempts lie, unpicked, in a pile of wool. My first successful attempt still had a few errors in it but it worked. The best one is pictured below. It seems so easy now I’ve done it a few times, despite the pattern being relatively simple. It was the first time I’ve ever done double rib stitch, as well as the first time I’d used straight needles.

Now I need to knit a few that are completely perfect. I’m going to add them to my Folksy shop once I’ve got a small stockpile as well as sell a few in my local coffee shop, Throwing Buns. Then I’d like to experiment a bit – add buttons, use a different stitch, mix up the colours & maybe knit some for china mugs. I love a good knitting challenge!

I’d like to thank Rachel of Cornflower Blue for giving me permission to use her pattern & sell the ones that are good enough to be sold. x

Crafty Chai Coffee Cosy

Chocolate Chai

Chocolate Chai in Big Brown

It’s been a busy old week. So imagine my absolute joy when I arrived home yesterday (tired after a late night at the Take That concert in Cardiff! OMG!) & found a packet full of Drink Me Chai chocolate chai on my doorstep I could barely contain my excitement.

Chocolate Drink Me ChaiThis is one of the reasons I love Twitter so much. I received the sample via a conversation with Throwing Buns cafe who’ve recently started selling my favourite spiced chai. Another of my favourite cafes, Combibos Coffee sells the Drink Me chai selection but I don’t get much opportunity to get there these days. So when I saw, via twitter, that Throwing Buns was interested in chocolate chai I got in on the conversation and said that I’d never seen it for sale. I was then offered some samples. A few days later they arrived. For me this is like Christmas! Spiced chai is my absolute favourite and have some almost everyday. We have a Nespresso machine at home that has a milk heater. This means I can make my own chai. Pure heaven. But would the chocolate chai be a suitable match for my beloved spiced?

Chocolate Chai in Big BrownI heated the milk and put the kettle on. I emptied a sachet into my favourite chai mug. (Yes I know that makes me sound a bit mental!) I waited with anticipation & felt a bit guilty that my usual spiced chai wouldn’t be needed today.

I mixed it all together & waited for it to cool.  It was nice. Chocolatey. With a subtle hint of spice. It was good.  Don’t worry – I still prefer the spiced. But I prefer the chocolate to the vanilla chai. However, it does show how versatile chai can be. I know they also do mango & peppermint chai but these aren’t for me. I don’t do mango at all & am fussy about mint flavoured things (It should be reserved for toothpaste & mints. Don’t ask. I have weird food rules!)

Most of all I was impressed with the company. They have a fantastic product. They are personal & friendly and communicate with people via twitter.

Thank you so much Drink Me chai. I can highly recommend the choccy chai and I will do so. A lot!

A Royal Throwing Buns

Royal Bun Throwing in Abingdon

I’m sure everyone who has a blog will putting something about the Royal Wedding – bunting, parties, THE DRESS etc. But my post is about a very local tradition Royal Bun Throwing in Abingdon & a very local cafe. When we moved to Abingdon about a year ago we had no idea about the tradition it had of throwing buns from the top of the town hall on special royal occasions. It wasn’t until we visited the Throwing Buns cafe behind the town hall. Not only were we impressed by the tradition but we were impressed with the food, cake & coffee from the cafe. We’ve been regular visitors from then on. 

Therefore it seemed only right that we go there on Friday before 4000 buns were thrown from the town hall to commemorate the royal wedding of Will & Kate on Friday. It was really busy but that didn’t mean that the quality of the food or the service slacked at all. All four of us opted for the cream tea from the special Royal Wedding menu (my mum & sister were visiting for the weekend.)It was really delicious. The scones were nice & light and there was plenty of cream & jam. It was a great way to prepare for the bun throwing. Alas we didn’t catch any buns but it was a great practice for the one next year!