A few weeks ago, I met up with some teacher buddies at the Plantation Café, Towcester. We’d met there a few times before as it’s a central spot where we can meet up, chat & have a mooch about a garden centre. Perfect! We always meet for brunch so that we have plenty of time to catch up on all the gossip. I normally have poached eggs on toast. They do a cooked breakfast, but the veggie options are very limited. This time, however, they had updated the menu and had increased the number of veggie options. Excellent, I thought! I’m going to have a veggie breakfast! They also have Gluten Free options, as one of the party is Coeliac. We head up to order & everyone’s looking forward to their breakfast. Then I order and am told the veggie sausages haven’t been delivered. Fail. I was really disappointed and quite angry. Everyone else could have the breakfast they wanted except me. Sadly, this was just the beginning of quite a poor service. So I opted for fried eggs on toast.

Eggs on Toast

What can say about fried eggs on toast? The eggs were cooked well, crispy on the edge without being burnt and they were really tasty. And when the waitress realised that we’d had quite a few errors made with the other breakfasts on the table, we were given free teas and coffees, which is always a good thing. But I didn’t get the breakfast I wanted and was one in a run of things that inspired by ranting post this week.

My friends and I have decided to give the Plantation café a miss for the next few get togethers. I hope they up their game by the time we return.