Saturday was a complete wash out, for most of the nation. While it was raining & pouring, and the old man was snoring, my OH & I were out and about in Oxford City Centre. We had a few bits to buy & after supporting local producers in the Covered Market, we stumbled across Objects of Use. I’d heard about the shop, but had forgotten to go there. What a treat it was tho!

Objects of Use

It was like stepping back in time! Seeing old, traditional tools & house bits and pieces was so cool! I recognised many things that I remember my grandparents using. While ‘ooing’ and ‘ahing’ our way around the shop, we also found, not surprisingly, really useful things that both my OH & I needed. So we bought a few things to go in our stockings (yes, we do that!) and they have been squirreled away ready for the 25th December.

If you are in Oxford, then this lovely little shop is well worth a visit.