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Tuesday Treat – Eden Perfumes

It’s been nearly eight weeks since I became vegan. While it’s been a massive learning curve, there’s nothing I miss. The reason being that there are so many cruelty free alternatives. When my perfume ran out, earlier on in the year, I didn’t replace it straight away. I wanted something cruelty free and organic if possible, but didn’t really know where to start. While I love a lot of what Lush does, their perfumes are too strong for me. Recently, I’ve just been going without, until a fab vegan friend posted about Eden Perfumes on her Facebook page and absolutely raved about them. It’s easy to know which one you want, as they make their own version of many highstreet perfumes.

Eden Perfume

My fab vegan friend very kindly picked me up a bottle of No. 50 Similar to L’eau D’Issey Miyake Women’s, which has been my favourite perfume for the last ten years. I was prepared to live without that scent, but now I don’t have to, thanks to Eden Perfume. Now I know about Eden, I’m going to find another couple of perfumes that I like and add a few more to my Christmas list. Well, you can never have too many vegan, organic and cruelty free perfumes, can you?!

Tuesday Tree – Knee Length Vegan Boots

My favourite pair of winter boots died a death last year. They had served their time well, protecting my feet, ankles and calves from many a frosty morn. By becoming vegan, it means that I need to replace my animal products with non-animal ones and fortunately Will’s Vegan Shoes means that this isn’t going to be difficult (though my credit card may weep slightly!)

Knee length vegan boots

I LOVE these boots. They are already on my Christmas list. The reviews speak for themselves, so I know they’re going to be perfect for whatever the winter weather can throw at me. No more will I worry about early morning bus duty, snow or chilly dog walks. You know these are going to look equally good dressed up or down. Plus, I can pretend I’m Maggie from The Walking Dead as I strut about the place, taking no prisoners! Come on winter, do your worst!

Tuesday Treat – Vego Bar

On Saturday, Phil went to Witney to have a mooch about Rapture record store. While he was there, he popped into Beanbag Natural Health shop and bought me loads of vegan goodies. One of the best things was this amazing vegan chocolate bar, which as a new vegan, is simply out of this world.

Vego bar

(Apologies for the crap pic – it was late and the rugby was on!) Chocolate and hazelnut bars have always been a favourite of mine and the Vego bar means it will remain so. Some vegan chocolates are okay, but lack the creaminess you get with regular chocolate. This has not such problem. It’s the closest taste to regular chocolate I’ve had so far. Plus, it’s fair-trade, so ticks my ethical boxes too. (Oreos, you really need to sort your ethical shit out, m’kay?) I had the mini bar, but don’t be fooled by the name. The mini bar is almost a bit much in one sitting, as it’s quite a chunky bar, but I struggled on through, with a delicious glass of Terreo Malbec vegan wine from Ocado to wash it down with. Delicious!

Tuesday Treat – Autumn

I often thought that autumn was my favourite season. After a long hot summer, autumn would break winter in gently, all the while reminding us why we love layers and tights without giving us frostbite. And the last few autumnal days have been a real treat. Bright, chilly mornings; warm sunny days, evenings spent wrapped up on the sofa under my blanket.

Autumnal oxford

I’ve since realised that I’m happy with any season, as long as the weather is how it’s supposed to be. For example, I’m happy with winter, as long as it’s cold and you can wrap up warm in bobble hats and scarves, sit by the fire drinking mulled wine. I’m equally happy in summer, as long as the sun shines and it’s lovely and warm. All autumn has to do is help us transition from one (lackluster) season to another, as gently as possible. I for one can’t wait to heat up the mull and light the fire!