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Tuesday Treat – Learning a new skill

Last summer, my sewing machine and I had a huge falling out. Reluctantly, I’ve admitted that it was my fault. I blame Pinterest, with its gorgeous images and promised of easy projects – I couldn’t go wrong. Right? But I did. My impatience to make things quickly was my downfall. I didn’t measure, I didn’t press my fabrics and I didn’t take the time to think my projects through. And I expected my sewing machine to make up for my failings. It didn’t. So with my machine in a prominent place in my newly decorated craft room, I either had to make amends or move on. I decided on the former and signed up to a dressmaking class at Darn It and Stitch.

Armed with a relatively simple skirt pattern and the recommended amount of fabric (all bought from Masons in Abingdon), I headed to my first class. Everything’s going really well and I’ll share the finished product in a few weeks when it’s all done.  I already feel so much more confident using my machine and troubleshooting the pattern that I know I’ve got a summer of making ahead of me. Instead of dreading using my machine, I’m looking forward to it and have loads of ideas in my head, including more skirts!

Tuesday Treat – People Tree Summer Sale

It’s the end of the month which means one thing – pay day! It’s been a long, hot month so I’m going to be treating myself with a bit of clothes shopping. I’m currently wearing the same four outfits on rotation at the moment. Having lost a bit of weight (yay!) my summer wardrobe is lacking a bit so I need a few things to see me through. The good news is that lots of places are having sales at the moment, including one of my all time favorite clothes shops, People Tree. They are having an awesome sale, with great discounts on fair-trade fashion. I’ve got my eye on this little chappie, along with a few more stripey tops!

Bird PrintWith all the bird watching I do now, I thought that this would be very appropriate! There are so many lovely things on sale at People Tree that I’m going to have to get my credit card out! Want to get an extra 10% off? Use the following discount code until the 15th August on any sale item – CHSALE10. Let me know what you get!



Tuesday Treat – Glamping

Confession time folks: I have never been camping. With my huge dislike of spiders and body temperature always verging on the side of frostbite, sleeping outside has never taken my fancy. So when Phil got me a glamping holiday for my birthday a few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a lovely little cabin/hut on the edge of the New Forest, which had a toilet and a shower. (Phil earned major plus points for that!) It was gorgeous and in the most breathtaking locations.

Lake Reflections Hengistbury Head Glamping

The Beech Hut was the perfect little hideaway. We were there for three nights and spent the days walking and exploring the local area. As we were only there to sleep, it didn’t matter too much that there wasn’t much room. Water was limited so showers were quick, but after a day spent walking, all we wanted was to sleep when we got home so that wasn’t an issue. The hut was in woodland on a farm. In the middle of the woodland was a gorgeous lake, which was a great location for an evening dog walk.

We walked all the miles during our glamping holiday. Check out my FitBit stats below:

Glamping FitBit

Pretty impressive huh?! Though, somewhere during that week, I managed to shave off some cartilage in my knee, so there are no massive walks in my future. It was worth it though. I would definitely go glamping again and would love to go back to Beech Hut, as it’s a great place to explore the surrounding area.

Tuesday Treat – #30DaysWild

One of the best things about having a dog is that it makes you go out and find new places to walk throughout the year. It’s through dog walking that I’ve really started to see the world around me and all the wonderful things sharing it with me. Yes, I’ve even started to get excited about seeing new birds and insects that I’ve never seen before! When was the last time you stopped and enjoyed nature? Trust me, it’s good for the soul. Taking part in BBOWT’s 30 Days Wild is a great opportunity to get out and explore the nature around you. It won’t take long before you’re appreciating the world around you. Here are some wild things I enjoyed on Sunday.

Lake Bee Grebe

You’ve got to be out there, exploring, to really get the most of what’s around us and boy there’s a lot out there. Whether it’s something as simple as watching the bees getting pollen of the lavender bush in the garden, waiting for my peonies to bloom or trying to spot a cuckoo in the tree, getting out and making a bit of time for nature does wonders.