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TV Recommendations – February 2016

Well, goodby January, hello February and welcome back to The Walking Dead – airing in the UK on Now TV on Monday 15th February. Not that I’m looking forward to it or anything *eyes calendar and drums fingers on the desk*.

I have to be honest, there hasn’t been an awful lot on TV this month. There’s usually a break at this time of year in anything coming from America, plus waiting for new things to start on BBC. There’s quite a lot coming back to our screens later in February, but this is what I’ve been watching recently.

February 2016 TV recommendations

{Friday Night Lights – Netflix || Mr Robot – Amazon Prime || War & Peace – BBC || Serial – iTunes}

So I kind of fell in love the Coach and Tami Taylor. I started watching just before I went back to school in the new year. I’ve watched all five seasons. Yep, I binge watched like a pro. It reminds me a little of The Gilmore Girls, in that it’s set in a small town in America and the main characters are lovely. The difference is that it focuses around high school American football, but don’t let that put you off. It seems to solve pretty much every problem the town and its inhabitants have, but it does it in such a heartwarming way, you don’t mind. Everyone seems to have a happy ending and that’s why it’s worth watching.

I’d seen people talking about Mr Robot last year, but then, we didn’t have Amazon Prime. We got for Man in the High Castle (which as awful!) but it meant we could watch Mr Robot. We’ve not finished watching it yet, but so far so good. It outlines all that is wrong with our world, thanks to the technology we use and the big global companies who seem to be in charge of everything. This is not a feel good TV show. Watch Friday Night Lights if you want that. This is an honest look at modern life today and how hackers have the power to flip everything on its head.

Thanks to the slim pickings of TV shows since Christmas, we thought we’d give War & Peace a go. Plus I know I’m never going to read the book so watching this will probably be the next best thing. Don’t ask me any of the characters names! I can’t keep up with that, but I love the houses, the costumes, the backdrop, the drama. I can imagine some of the characters are going to come to a sticky end and that only a few of them will have a happy ever after.

Okay, I know, I know Serial isn’t a TV show, but it’s as a good as any decent TV show I’ve ever seen. For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, it’s a podcast that investigates real crimes. The first season was epic. And I mean, stop what you’re doing and listen kind of epic. The second series has been full of surprises. It deals with an American soldier who walked off duty while in Afghanistan and was then captured by the Taliban and held hostage for five years. As it’s dealing with an ongoing military investigation, the schedule has had to change and it’s now fortnightly instead of weekly as the Serial team deal with all the new information. Who knows where it will end.

TV Recommendations – January 2016

I watch a lot of TV. I have no shame in this. It’s something I enjoy doing, it doesn’t cost very much and for me, it’s a great way to unwind after a busy day. Because of that, I get through a lot of TV, some good, some great, some awful but it passes the time!

One of the things I do enjoy about the winter months is that when it’s dark and miserable outside, you can be cosying up inside without feeling guilty about it. Over the Christmas break, Phil and I planned to do some serious sitting, as like most people, we had such a busy run up to the holidays. Here’s what we got our teeth into:

January 2016 TV recommendations

{Making a Murderer – Netflix || Fargo Series 2 – iTunes || The Bridge Series 3 – BBC4 || Homeland Series 5 – Channel 4}

Making a Murderer popped onto my Netflix ‘Recently Added’ and I didn’t think much about it, but then I started seeing some Twitter and Facebook support for it. I gave it a go on my own, and before long realised that, due to it’s similarities to Serial, in that it’s a true crime documentary, I thought Phil might like it too so we watched it together. I think it’s fair to say that we were gripped by it very quickly. I know that the justice system isn’t perfect in any country, and I’ve seen plenty of CSI and crime dramas to know (or think I know!) certain things you’d need to prosecute someone (thank you, Good Wife!) but this documentary leaves you reeling. There were so many times when I’d say, ‘That’s circumstantial evidence!’ or ‘Where’s the DNA?’ I don’t want to give too much away as it’ll spoil it, but it certainly has you questioning everything you thought you knew about crime and police work.

I really liked the first series of Fargo, in fact, I thought it was better than the film it was based on. I didn’t really hold out much hope for series 3, so much so that we didn’t watch it when it was on Channel 4. We had to buy it from iTunes after we thought we’d give it a go over the holidays. We both loved it! It’s so different to the first series, but charming, funny and dramatic all the same. Plus, you get to say things like ‘aw, jeez’ all the time. Brilliant viewing.

After the way series two of The Bridge ended, I wasn’t really sure what to expect of series three. Personally, I think this was the best series yet. Saga was her usual fascinating self, but there were lots of other twists and turns that showed some of her different sides. The new characters really added to the mix and the main murders that Saga was investigating had me scratching my head. I had no idea who was behind them, gruesome and weird though they were. Don’t be put off by the subtitles. This is really an excellent series.

To be honest, I thought Homeland had had its day. I thought the last series was a bit boring so I only put this on while I was washing up. However, this series was sooooo much better than the last one. It was back to its brilliant, intriguing and fascinating roots. Carrie was back on top form. She no longer works for the CIA but that doesn’t stop her getting embroiled in a new security threat. As the main story in the series reflects modern life in a scarily accurate way, it makes for unmissable viewing. I hope this return to form continues with series 6.