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Spicy Szechuan Noodles from Domestic Sluttery

Followers of my Twitter feed will know that I hate cooking. I don’t enjoy it very much and try to avoid it at all costs. But then I saw this post on the Domestic Sluttery Facebook page and was intrigued. I was so intrigued that I emailed the link to my OH & we decided to give it a go. Feeling brave, I ordered all the ingredients online, with the exception of the Szechuan peppercorns as Tesco didn’t have any. (I Googled it & some people recommended using black peppercorns instead. Not the best idea in the world! We’re going to look for the Szechuan ones elsewhere for next time.) So Thursday night came around & it was time to cook.

szechuan ingredients

I got everything together and started on the tofu. Yep. We went with tofu because I love it & I needed my tofu fix. (This has become quite urgent as my favourite Chinese restaurant has changed the way they do their tofu & they’ve ruined it. I nearly cried!) You have to drain the water out of tofu for a while beforehand, then chop it up into chunks. Once that’s done, you need to get the rest of the ingredients ready, as with all Asian cooking, everything moves pretty quickly once you get started. The recipe from Domestic Sluttery is really easy to follow. Each step is nice & clear, even for me to follow. (Seriously, this is important. I can ruin frozen pizza. Fact!) There’s a nice mixture of flavours, though it’s quite spicy. While this is okay for my OH & I, I don’t think my mum could eat it 😉

Spicy Szechuan NoodlesIt was really, really delicious. I could eat tofu all day, every day and this dish is no exception. It’s going be a regular on our menu, that’s for certain. The things we need to remember for next time are: Break up the noodles before cooking or you’ll end up with noodles all over your face, cut all the veg the same size to make it easier to eat & never skimp on the tofu! Can’t wait until I can eat it again! Delicious!


{Review} Itsu, Oxford

Last week, I was invited to a complimentary* lunch at the newly opened Itsu in Oxford. I’d never eaten at Itsu before so wasn’t sure what to expect. I really like Japanese food, but as a vegetarian, it can be quite difficult to find places that do veggie food well or affordable. I’m pleased to say that Itsu does. After my cream tea splurge in Cornwall, I was looking forward to eating some healthy food, that wouldn’t cost the earth!

itsu meal

I wanted to try as much as I could so grabbed the veggie club maki rolls (£3.19 – 175 cals), the veggie dumplings and noodles potsu (£4.99 – 526 cals), some edamame beans (£1.99 – 124 cals) and a Cranberry & Elderflower vitsu (£1.65 – 60 cals). I loved, loved, loved the maki rolls! They were delicious and you get a generous portion. Perfect for a healthy lunch on the go. I would definitely get these again with a side of edamame beans!


You get plenty of options of sauces to add and the Itsu website is full of nutritional information about them & all their foods, should you be watching your calories, your salt or your fat intake. I love knowing about that kind of stuff so I can feel virtuous when I get everything in balance!


The veggie dumpling potsu is epic! It is full of delicious thick noodles, not too much veg and quite a handful of tasty dumplings. This is the ideal meal on a cold autumn day. The soup is really warming and filling, but it is a messy dish! I dived right in & covered myself in it! The ginger in it is quite strong. I’m not a massive fan of ginger, but I managed to get over myself & eat it! I would order it again as it was very tasty & filling & I felt like I was eating food that was very, very good for me!

I like that everything is packaged well enough for you to take it with you, should you want to take it to the office or the park. If you want to eat in, there are plenty of tables to sit at, free water to enjoy and plenty of people to watch! I honestly felt like I’d done my body a huge favour by eating at Itsu. There were lots of greens and other healthy extras that I wouldn’t normally consider.

I can definitely recommend Itsu and will be eating there again, whether I’m in the mood for the delicious rolls, the warming dumplings or trying some of the other delicious bits and pieces, like the seaweed thins! I was disappointed to see the other veggie potsu, the Superbowl 7 veg can’t be made veggie, due to using fish in the sauce, but it’s not uncommon in Japanese or Thai food. For me, there’s enough there to eat that I like to keep me going, including the Zero Fat fro-yo with warm caramel (£2.99 – 175 cals), which was the perfect end to a great meal!

*Even though my meal was complimentary, my review is my honest opinion. Many thanks to Emily at Bottle PR for organising my meal.

{Review} The Jam Factory, Oxford


We didn’t have much a bank holiday planned, but we did want to relax as much as possible. So we decided to head into Oxford for a bit of breakfast and a bit of shopping. I’d seen on Twitter that the Jam Factory had a new breakfast menu so was really keen to give it a try, mainly because it contained pancakes! My favourite breakfast of all time! I had a quick look at the menu to see if there were any options with it (I’m partial to a fried egg or two with my pancakes!) & there were a few. You could have banana, blueberry compote or chocolate chips with it. I opted for blueberry compote, imagining that it would come in small dish on the side. I also ordered a chai latte, mainly because I was curious to see how it would taste, as it’s not a particularly common drink. My OH ordered a breakfast burrito & an orange juice.

chaiThe drinks arrived first & I was pleasantly surprised by my chai latte. It was really tasty, lots of spice without it being overpowering. The only thing wrong with it is that it wasn’t warm enough for my tastes. I do like my chai & my tea really hot, and this is a common complaint I have when ordering chai in cafes.

PancakesThen the food arrived. I was pretty disappointed. Not only were my pancakes covered in the compote (not what I was expecting or what I wanted) but they’d also been covered in icing sugar. What is this obsession that cafes have in this country with dusting everything with icing sugar?! Not necessary! The pancakes tasted great but they were a little on the small side and I could’ve done with 1 or 2 more. I really enjoy having breakfast out – it feels really decadent. So when I don’t get what I’m expecting, I’m always disappointed & I felt that we shouldn’t have bothered, even my OH was disappointed with his burrito as it wasn’t very warm.

I really like the Jam Factory. I like what they do & it has a great atmosphere. But we felt that paid a lot of money for very little breakfast, especially when we could’ve had a bigger, more filling breakfast elsewhere in Oxford, for less money. I’ll happily go back to the Jam Factory, for lunch or elevenses but I won’t be having breakfast there again. Such a shame.

Limes Farm Tearoom, Farthinghoe

Limes Farm Cooked Breakfast

A few weeks ago, some old teacher buddies and I got together for brunch. As we come from all over, we needed somewhere in the middle so we opted for Limes Farm Shop & Tearooms. Just off the main road, you can blink & miss it, but you would be missing out! We booked in advance, mainly because one of the party is coeliac. I had a look at the online menu (obviously!) & wasn’t surprised to see that the veggie options were limited to toast or porridge. I didn’t mind, as like both. However, when ordering, to the horror of my friends when I didn’t order the cooked breakfast, the waitress informed me that they did a veggie option. And not a pathetic excuse for a veggie cooked breakfast – a proper veggie cooked breakfast with veggie sausages, mushroom, toast, beans & two fried eggs! Delicious! I was so pleased. I love a cooked breakfast & hate it when veggies get shortchanged with just extra beans & mushrooms. It was delicious. And so were the meat versions and the gluten-free version!

Limes Farm Cooked BreakfastLimes Farm is a great place to meet up & enjoy good food. It has a great atmosphere, they make great coffee and has incredible food. The food for sale in the shop looks fantastic & I will definitely be going back for some afternoon tea. If you’re nearby, make sure you drop in. You won’t be disappointed!