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The Six Bells, Warborough


Last night was spent at The Six Bells Pub in Warborough. My OH & I were meeting up with some friends & the Six Bells is perfectly situated so that it is half way between us. I’d looked on-line & tweeted about where we could meet for dinner, but nothing really grabbed me, until I saw the Six Bells. Most people will know it because it features in a lot of Midsummer Murders episodes. Not being an massive Midsummer fan, I didn’t really know what to expect, although I was pleased to see more than one veggie option on their sample menu on-line. Easy to find & located in the very beautiful village of Warborough, it’s a great place to eat & catch up with friends.

We arrived & bought some drinks, my first (small) glass of wine this year, while waiting for our friends. When we were ready, we were sat at a table that was in a great spot as it was a little secluded from the other diners. The menu was very good. There were three veggie options in the mains section & I could have eaten any of them. I didn’t have a starter, as I was saving myself for a pudding. I opted for the Bean Lasagna, as it was a little different & not something I would cook at home. When it arrived, the portion size was very reasonable. Lasagna is quite filling, especially when it includes beans so it shouldn’t be massive. It came with a lovely fresh side salad & salad dressing.

Bean Lasagne

It was very tasty. I really liked it, it was well cooked, with a few crispy bits on the edges. Not too much cheese either. Perfect! We’d waited quite a while between the starters that the boys had & our main course. We hadn’t notice because we were busy chatting, but the lady who served us, who I think was the owner, came over & apologised and offered to buy us a round of drinks. This impressed me no end! They were three members of staff short but the service & the atmosphere was excellent. We weren’t rushed or ignored.

The choices on the dessert menu were great, something for everyone. But as I’m a creature of habit, there was only really one choice: Chocolate brownie! My friend & I shared the pudding, which was a good idea as it was quite choclatey.


All in all, we had a perfect evening. Excellent service, great food, good wine & fab company. I will definitely be going back to the Six Bells. They also do some lovely looking jacket potatoes and sandwiches at lunch time & I’d love to give them a taste. If you haven’t been to the Six Bells then you really should make a visit there. I for one cannot wait to go back!

Nelson’s Diner

Nelsons Diner

You know how it is over the festive period. There’s lots of festive food & treats about, but sometimes all you want is a veggie burger & fries. So you head out to your favourite burger place. But wait! It’s closed until the New Year! You do a quick Google search & find another burger joint not too far from you. The menu & the website look great so you head out in the rain & off to Nelson’s Diner. Which is exactly what we did last Saturday. We arrived at the diner & were seated in a booth. Yep, it’s a proper American-style 50’s diner. Awesome! We were both slightly put off by the amount of stuff on the table: 3 menus, not including our own A3 ones. And it has a bit of a tired feel to it. I loved all the Americana on the walls but the Christmas decorations on the window were a bit much.

We both chose milkshakes to drink – I had vanilla, while my OH had a chocolate one. They were delicious! And huge! The vanilla seemed to be like melted ice cream. It was creamy & rich = a real splurge. The chocolate one wasn’t as nice, it didn’t seem to be as luxurious as the vanilla one.

Nelsons Diner

I ordered a California veggie burger with regular fries. What arrived was a little disappointing. The veggie burger was the same that I can get up the road at the kebab takeaway. And I got two in one bun. Not only is that far too much food, even for me, but I expected better from an American style diner. The veggie options weren’t massive either. What is it with restaurants offering cheese & tomato food to veggies? What about jalapenos? Or chillies? Or BBQ sauce? Why make it bland? We don’t eat meat, but we still have taste buds!

My OH ordered the Chicago & he too was disappointed with the quality of the burger, feeling that it wasn’t anything special. There was nothing wrong with either of the burgers, but they were just ordinary. I think that we’ve been spoilt by having Atomic Burger on our doorstep and we compare everything to that. We didn’t have any room for pudding so we didn’t hang around.

Sadly I don’t think we’ll be going back, not while Atomic Burger exists. The food wasn’t special enough & despite having booths, the place needs a bit of a face lift. That being said, the milkshake was amazing and the best milkshake I’ve ever had. The waitresses were great & wore 50’s dress which was really cool. The best thing about this place is their website & their milkshake. But neither is enough to get me back there again.

Perfect Poached Eggs

Poach Pods

For anyone who follows my Twitter account, you’ll know that I have a new addiction: Poached Eggs.

I always liked them when I had them in cafes etc, but couldn’t make them at home. That was until my brilliant OH bought some Poachpods. There’s been no going back since!

Poach Pods

They are so easy to make with the Poachpods. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Boil the kettle & while you’re waiting, wipe some olive oil over the inside of the Poachpods.
  2. Empty the egg into the Poachpod & pour the boiled water into a saucepan.
  3. Put the heat on but turn it down to its lowest temperature.
  4. Gently lower the Poachpods into the simmering water, then put the lid on the saucepan. Then leave them alone.
  5. I have found that 5 minutes of simmering creates the perfect poachies! They’re cooked but still have a lovely wet yolk. Plus it’s just about enough time to make the toast.
  6. When the time is up, gently take the pods out of the water. I use a slatted spoon.
  7. Run a butter knife around the top of the egg to seperate it from the pod.
  8. Then turn it upside down and gently push the pod on the bottom. Your egg should just pop out onto your freshly buttered toast!
  9. Add a bit of seasoning – it’ll make all the difference, trust me.
  10. Enjoy!

If you try the Poachpods, let me know how you get on!

Quorn Hotdogs

Quorn Hotdogs

Last week, my OH brought home some new Quorn Hot dogs to try. It’s been a fair old while since I had hot dogs & they used to be a firm favourite so I was pleased to see that Quorn had made them. They were pretty easy to cook – put in a pan & boil. Add your favourite sauce & put them all in a bun. Eat & enjoy.

Quorn Hotdogs

They were pretty tasty & I’d happily have them again. A friend suggested trying the veggie hot dogs by Sainsbury’s, which I’d like to do to compare them with these. They tasted like hot dogs and had a very similar consistency. All that was missing from ours was some freshly fried onions to go on the top. Will add that next time!