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The Rickety Press

The Rickety Press

Last Saturday, it was my OH’s birthday. After a busy few days in London, we decided that we would take it easy. After a lazy morning, we headed to The Rickety Press in Jericho, Oxford. We hadn’t eaten there before but we have wanted to for ages, especially as it keeps getting great reviews. I didn’t really know what to expect, but as it’s run by the same people who run The Rusty Bicycle in East Oxford, which I love, I knew I’d enjoy myself!

When we arrived, we ordered our drinks & sat down in the restaurant, which is at the back. It has a lovely feel, with lots of old books & vintage bits and pieces decorating the restaurant. It also has a wood burner & I can imagine enjoying a good bottle of red wine there in the winter with good friends! (You know I’m going back don’t you?!)

The Rickety Press

The menu looked amazing, with lots of good quality, wholesome food. It did have some veggie options, but because I’m fussy & I don’t like gnocchi, I had to ask if I could have the Pea & Bean Risotto starter as a main meal. I was told it wouldn’t be a problem, which was perfect. I didn’t fancy any of the starters but my OH had oysters – for the first time! They were available as a pair or a larger portion, which I thought was a great idea as it made it perfect as something to try if you’d never had them before. They oysters came with a balsamic dressing, lemon wedges & a bottle of Tabasco. The waiter advised to add all of them to the oysters, which my OH did & enjoyed them, saying he would have them again.

Oysters at the Rickety Press

Our mains came out, in a timely fashion, & we weren’t disappointed. My risotto was, quite possibly, the best I’ve ever tasted. It had a lovely creamy texture and you could taste the lemon in it, but it wasn’t over powering. I loved the green colour too! My OH had lamb & veg and wasn’t disappointed. The Rickety Press is not a cheap option, but it is a great one. The service was excellent and it has a lovely feel. The food was amazing, as was the wine. I will definitely be back, but will maybe save it for a special occasion.

Pea Risotto at the Rickety Press

A Crafty Chai in Carnaby Street

Liberty Stationery

After quite a sleepless night in a very small hotel room, my OH & I headed out to Carnaby Street. We knew where we were going to get breakfast. When in London, there really is no other choice – The Breakfast Club. Not only do they do great choice for veggies, they do pancakes. Pancakes! My favourite breakfast food. I ordered the Veggie All American, which is pancakes, eggs, veggie sausage, mushroom & hash browns and I had a fresh orange juice too. It was perfect.

Breakfast Club Veggie Breakfast

After an amazing brunch, we had a look around at some of the fab shops in Carnaby Street. Then we headed to Speakeasy Espresso & Brew Bar, where I enjoyed an amazing pot of tea & my OH had a very decent flat white. It had a really lovely atmosphere & I was given instructions on how long to let my tea brew. Not only did they serve excellent tea, in a tea pot, they knew how to make it. This is a big deal, as so many places can’t make a decent cup of tea. Speakeasy is a great place where you can sit, relax & watch the world go by. I can highly recommend it.

We then headed for Liberty where I fell in love. Twice. First, I fell in love with the stationery section. I love post-it notes and there were hundreds of different styles. Sadly, I’m pretty well stocked up on sticky notes so managed to restrain myself. But I did buy the card above – well, look at it! How could I leave it there?! The second time I fell in love at Liberty was in the haberdashery section – obviously! There were so many different fabrics & beautiful yarns there. I looked for something in the sale and was rewarded with a gorgeous Rowan pattern book for just £2. I was drawn to it because of the jumper on the front. All I need to do is find some nice but inexpensive wool to knit the lush jumper!

Liberty Stationery

Finally, following a tip from @alexbw, we headed for a quick drink & snack at Sacred Cafe before making our way back to the train station. He’d told us to get a savoury muffin. Boy was he right. They were absolutely delicious. They arrived at our table toasted & with butter & were amazing. They were really filling and I couldn’t finish mine. I washed mine down with a chai & my OH had, you guessed it, a flat white (would you expect anything else?!).

Sacred Cafe Muffins

All in all, we had a lovely time in London. We went, we looked around, we ate, we came home. Perfect!

Lunch at the Kings Head and Bell

Veggie Stack

I hate cooking. Any opportunity to eat out, I will grab it with both hands! So my OH & I felt that we should go and try out some of the lunch items on the menu at the Kings Head & Bell in Abingdon, especially as they’ve got a few different veggie ones on there.

Veggie Stack

I opted for the grilled veggie stack & a side of fries. I chose this because it’s a bit different, pretty healthy and it meant I could have fries on the side! I really enjoyed it. The goat’s cheese that came as part of the stack was really nice & really added to the flavour. The fries were good & I couldn’t finish it all because it was really filling.


My OH opted for the scampi. It came with thick cut chips & mushy peas. He really enjoyed it. The scampi was nice & crispy on the outside and it had a good crunch. He also thought that the thick chips were some of the best he’d had – Quite the compliment!

The only criticism we could find was that when we asked for ketchup, we got a tiny little portion in a paper cup, the kind that you get from McDonald’s. I don’t like it when restaurants do this. Don’t ration my ketchup! My napkin was also wet from when it had wrapped the cutlery. But this is me being ultra picky! The food was great & I’ll definitely be going back and I can’t wait!


Friday lunch at Gee’s

Lunch at Gee's

I have two twitter accounts. My craft one & my work one. On my work one I follow a few local businesses. Gee’s Restaurant is one of them. At the start of the week, they tweeted about a competition. I’ve won a few things on twitter, Albert being one of them. This week I won a lunch at Gee’s! I was so excited! Despite living in Oxford for three years, I’d never ventured to Gee’s so this was to be a whole new experience!

Lunch at Gee's

I loved it! The staff were all lovely. Nothing was too much trouble but they weren’t overbearing. We were allowed to have 2/3 courses from the set lunch menu. All we had to do was pay for drinks. Deal. The surroundings are exquisiute! I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere quite like Gee’s. They are relaxed enough so that you can relax but formal enough to make it seem like it’s a bit of an event that you’re there!

Naturally I opted for the 3 course! I started with the mozarella and tomoato salad. This was really tasty & the best bit was the tomatoes. They’d use different varieties. Then I had the Peppers Piedmontesse (without anchovies). I had no idea what it was & was a little surprised to see that it was a pepper with a tomato inside. It was delicious & it came with the lovely green salad in the picture above. I didn’t want anything too heavy as I’d eaten quite a bit of bread while we waiting for the starter (which was gorgeous, came with real butter & there was lots of it!) plus I had my eye on the deserts.

Tiramisu at Gee's

I had the Tiramisu. This was my choice because I’d never had it before and the other choices were sorbet (yuk!) & jelly (not veggie). I was not disappointed. It was amazing! Quite light & choclatey with not too much coffee.

I will definitely be going back. I wish I’d gone there for my birthday now! You can have such a lovely relaxing time, go somewhere fancy & it not cost too much. I liked all the food I had. When I asked about the main and whether it was vegetarian, the response was ‘no but I’ll ask chef to see what they can do’. Music to my ears!

Thank you so much for my free lunch Gee’s! I will be back! x