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Sunday Lunch at The Old Anchor

Veggie Sunday Lunch

If you follow my Twitter or Instagram feed then you’ll know that I love my food. At the moment, with the weather being what it is, Sundays often leave me wanting good old roast dinners. Herein lies the rub. What do veggies have for roast dinners? I think this is why a lot of pubs don’t bother with this, as it’s a bit of a minefield. All I’m looking for is roast spuds & gravy made without animal fat, veggies & something else in place of meat. I’m not adverse to a nut roast, which was the offer of the day at The Old Anchor pub in Abingdon-on-Thames. The menu also stated that the gravy & potatoes would be vegetarian too. Fantastic!

Veggie Sunday Lunch

Everything was cooked perfectly. The veg was just right, although my OH wanted a few more roast potatoes (he was only given two). The service, as always, was great & the place has a fab feel. I love going there.

What staggered me was the fact I was given a veggie burger. It was a nice veggie burger, and it somehow worked with everything else, but it was a veggie burger. Not a nut roast. And no one told me. When we ordered, no one said there was no nut roast. While we waited, no one said they were out of nut roast but would a burger be ok. When they brought the food, no one said there was no nut roast. They just served me a veggie burger, with the roast trimmings & not a word about it.

Now, all the sunday lunches are £9.95 for one course. I’ve written about this before. I don’t think that veggie food should be charged at the same price as meat. There is no way a nut roast lunch costs as much as a pork lunch. If it does, then the pork can’t be good quality. This wasn’t the case. My OH thought the pork was delicious & loved the black pudding that came with it. Compare that with a veggie burger. Not exactly the same.

I really like The Old Anchor. It has a lovely feel & has great views of the river. The food was tasty, the service was good. I just wished someone had explained the mystery of the absent nut roast!

UPDATE: The manager of the Old Anchor got in touch with my via twitter & has sent me a voucher to use the next time I eat there, which will be very soon!

ANOTHER UPDATE: We ate Sunday lunch at the Old Anchor again a few weeks ago, on Father’s Day, to enjoy the voucher. I have to say it was THE best veggie roast I’ve ever had. The veg were plentiful & delicious, the nut roast was awesome and all the trimmings…Perfect. I will always recommend this place for roast dinners from now on as even my meat-eating OH was impressed. Can’t wait to go again!

Fallowfields Hotel & Restaurant

Afternoon Tea Fallowfields

On Saturday evening four of us heading out to Fallowfields Hotel & Restaurant. I didn’t really know what to expect except good food.

Upon arrival we were greeted very warmly & given the choice between the lounge & the bar area. I opted for the lounge as there was a fire to sit beside! We were offered drinks & canapes. The waiter checked for dietary requirements so I was given vegetarian ones. This impressed me. The attention to detail, the quality of service & the taste of the food.

We decided against starters, well it was still January after all! In hindsight I’m so glad we did. In total we had 7 courses and while the portions are sensible & not too big or too small, 7 courses is enough for anyone! When we arrived at our table, we were given Jerusalem artichoke veloute, truffle ream, confit artichoke. This wasn’t to my taste as I don’t really like artichoke, but my less fussy OH really enjoyed his. We were also given delicious bread & butter to eat while we waited for our mains. I had ordered the cauliflower risotto & it was so delicious. It was, quite possibly, the best risotto I’ve ever tasted.

Finally, pudding. I broke one of my food rules & went for the Amaretto crème brulee. But before this arrived we were given lemon posset in a sugar basket. It was amazing & I’m not a fan of lemon at all, but it was lovely. The crème brulee was perfection too, although, because I’m greedy & love crème brulee, I could’ve easily had a bigger portion!

Throughout the meal the waiters were attentive without being overbearing & kept my wine glass topped up nicely. When we were given our coffee, we also received a delicious ganache chocolate each. Perfect. As a vegeatarian it was nice to see food that didn’t look like it was an afterthought.

It didn’t feel appropriate to keep taking photos of each dish, plus I couldn’t wait to tuck in so that’s why there aren’t any pictures. But trust me when I say that if you are looking for somewhere extra special to go for a meal, this is the place for you. A real delight.

The Kings Head & Bell, Abingdon

Veggie Sunday Lunch

Last weekend, my OH got into a twitter conversation with The Kings Head & Bell in Abingdon about what they offer for a veggie Sunday roast. They offered to do a full veggie roast. How could I not go in and try it out?

Veggie Sunday Lunch

The veggie roast consisted of mushroom stuffed with goat’s cheese & spinach, with veggie gravy, roast pots & veg. It was delicious. The only criticism I have is that there should’ve been more of it, but thats because I’m greedy! The others in my party had the lamb & the beef and were happy with their meat.

I’d already decided on pudding, preferably something with custard, before even seeing the dessert menu. Fortunately I was in luck & they were offering fruit crumble with custard. Everything else came with ice cream & looked equally delicious.

Sunday Crumble

Realistically the portions were sensible & just right, but I could’ve eaten it twice over. Again, greedy!

If you fancy heading over to try it yourself, you need to get their early. They ran out of roasts about 2.45pm! Try it, it’s lush. x

Time Out Coffee Shop, Thame

Time Out Coffee shop

I’ve been really good in January with food etc. I’ve been working really hard so thought I’d treat myself to a bite to eat out and I fancied somewhere different so headed to Thame. I wanted somewhere with wifi & a friend suggested Time Out. The drinks menu is extensive. They serve almost every kind of Tea Pigs tea possible, the full range of Drink Me Chai, coffees and milkshakes galore. The food menu isn’t quite so extensive but I did have a very tasty goats cheese & cranberry ciabatta roll, which I had toasted.

Time Out Coffee shop

It was lush. It cost £4.50, which I thought was a bit pricey but didn’t mind the cost once I’d tasted it as it was delicious. Naturally I had a spiced chai, which was £2.50 for a standard size. This is quite reasonable as Starbucks will charge you over £3 for a tall chai latte, which is an inferior drink anyway. It has a really nice relaxed atmosphere and the staff were great. I’d definitely come back here. x