I have been really busy doing supply teaching this week & was really tired at the end of each day. I could’ve easily got a take away any & every evening! (I have no will power when it comes to Chinese!) but, as we’re trying to have each of the meals on the meal planner throughout January, I resisted & persevered with healthy cooking. As I’ve been busy I haven’t had time to blog about the meals until now & have been so hungry by the time dinner has been ready that I haven’t always taken a picture!

Wednesday night was 10-minute Vegetable Rice from Cook Vegetarian. The supermarket didn’t have the rice recommended in the recipe so I just a similar one from the express rice range. It made the meal. Without this type of rice, it’s just a bowl of veg! It was surprisingly tasty & we’ll definitely have it again. It’s also quite a versatile. You could add fish or meat or use what ever veg you wanted. But my advice is stick with the express rice. It adds all the flavour.

Thursday night was something that we’d had many times before: Quorn Steak Supper in a Flash. This is a very tasty recipe & is quite simple to make. It takes about 30mins all in all. The recipe comes from the Quorn Cookbook but there isn’t anything similar to it on their website. It’s a real comfort dinner, perfect for those chilly nights on the sofa!

Steak Supper in a Flash

Steak Supper

Last nights dinner was a real triumph. Really tasty & perfect for chilling out on a Friday night with a glass of vino. We had Chickpea & Tomato Curry from Cook Vegetarian. It was so easy & quick to prepare and really delicious! This will definitely be a regular on our meal planner. We had brown rice, mango chutney & a splash of the left over Greek yoghurt with it. I hadn’t bought any naan but we had some square tortilla wraps left over & tried those with it. They were perfect. Really tasty but not too filling. Perfect! x