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National Vegetarian Week and Freedom Mallows

Happy #VeggieWeek everyone! I’ve been a vegetarian for over 10 years now and there isn’t much I miss. Not bacon, not steak, not turkey at Christmas. Occasionally I wouldn’t mind a tuna sandwich and until I found out you could get vegetarian fizzy cola bottles, I missed those too. I used to love Flumps but found that veggie marshmallows couldn’t really compete so gave up on them years ago. So when I was asked to review (c/o) Freedom Mallows, I was eager to try them. And what better way than to have some in a hot chocolate!

hot cho

I’ve been trying Choc Shot recently too as I’ve struggled to find a low calorie hot chocolate that wasn’t full of nasties. I was sent a mixture of micro and regular sized mallows and after an hour and a half of ironing, I decided I deserved a treat.

Warm milk

We don’t have a microwave so I heated up my soya milk on the stove. I was making enough for my OH too – as soon as I said mallows, he said he wanted in! I use unsweetened soya milk and use it in everything. It works perfectly and as it doesn’t have much flavour, it takes on flavours really well.

veggie marshmallows

Once I’d made my hot chocolate and my OH’s horlicks, I added a handful of the micro mallows to each cup. They were amazing! And perfect for snacking on while the milk is heating too.

marshmallow hot chocThe regular sized mallows are just as delicious and perfect for non-veggies too, as my OH loves them too. They’re quite sweet, so I can’t eat too many of them, which is probably a good thing! I’d like to try them in a cake too so if you have any good recipes that include marshmallows, then let me know!

Disclosure: I was sent the Freedom Mallows to review, but as always, my opinion is my own.


#BEDM – British Sandwich Week

I have a bit of a love/hate thing with sandwiches. Yep, I feel that strongly about it. Mainly because veggie options are: cheese or egg. You might get somewhere that spices up the option by adding onion to the cheese (why?!) or a bit of salad to the egg. But my experience with buying veggie sandwiches is appalling. So much so that I don’t bother unless I’m about to starve, which is hardly ever. My biggest veggie sandwich gripes are:

  • Waaaaaay too much filling. This is especially common with cheese (and it’s not even nice/real cheese). Sandwich places seem to feel a bit sorry for veggies and fill the sandwich/bap/baguette with so much cheese that about a third of it falls out into the bag, another third falls over you while you’re eating it, leaving generally a respectable amount between the bread. What a waste.
  • Egg mayo. Or should that be mayo with a few chunks of egg thrown in. Not sure if there’s an EU ruling on getting rid of surplus amounts of mayo, but most sandwich places seem to be a bit free & easy with the stuff. Hold back sandwich people, I’m not suffering from a mayo deficiency!
  • Very limited choices. To be fair to sandwich places, I don’t blame them for this one. I struggle to know what to put in a veggie sandwich, which is why I don’t bother most of the time. What do you put in a veggie sandwich? Standing in the queue at the sandwich shop or in front of the veggie options in M&S leaves me missing tuna. It’s the only time I really miss meat/fish because what else goes in a sarnie? After being vegetarian for over 10 years, I still have no idea.

Well, I had no idea, until I found this article on the Martha Stewart Facebook page the other day and went Pinterest crazy!

veggie sarnie

The Martha Stewart website has a whole section dedicated to veggie food. (A revelation!) Not only that, it has a section for veggie sandwiches. I couldn’t believe it! Not only that, there wasn’t a picture of an over mayo’d egg sarnie to be seen. Needless to say I haven’t tried any of these recipes, but when I’m organised enough to make a veggie sandwich, this is where I’ll be going to get a recipe or two.

How about you? What’s your favourite sandwich filling?

Tuesday Treat – Smoothies

For years and years and years, I’ve turned my nose up at smoothies. I never found one that particularly appealed to me and making my own wasn’t an option as it meant I’d actually have do it! Well, I’ve recently become converted and practically have one everyday. It’s a perfect afternoon snack and a great way to get in extra good veggies. I haven’t experimented much beyond the Virgin Green Monster, but I have added blueberries to a few and have also tried the Chocolate Green Monster, because, lets face it, it turns the smoothie chocolatey! The other smoothie recipe I’ve tried is Laura’s Magical Cold Busting Smoothie as I was feeling a little under the weather over the weekend. It worked a treat and I’ll definitely use it next time the germs start to take hold!

cold busting smoothie

My love of smoothies even extends to Pinterest and I’ve started a board to try and collate some recipes to try. I’m not very brave when it comes to making up my own recipes. I worry about wasting stuff in case it tastes awful, so if you’ve got any good smoothie recipes, let me know! In order to try and expand my smoothie repertoire, I’m taking part in the Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish Green Smoothie challenge.

KHGS-green-smoothie-challengeI’ll do a post each week to share the smoothies that I try and I’ll post pictures over on Instagram of my daily smoothie. My aim is to try and be a bit more adventurous with my smoothie recipes. Will you be taking part? Are you a lover of smoothies too?


Limes Farm Tearoom, Farthinghoe

Limes Farm Cooked Breakfast

A few weeks ago, some old teacher buddies and I got together for brunch. As we come from all over, we needed somewhere in the middle so we opted for Limes Farm Shop & Tearooms. Just off the main road, you can blink & miss it, but you would be missing out! We booked in advance, mainly because one of the party is coeliac. I had a look at the online menu (obviously!) & wasn’t surprised to see that the veggie options were limited to toast or porridge. I didn’t mind, as like both. However, when ordering, to the horror of my friends when I didn’t order the cooked breakfast, the waitress informed me that they did a veggie option. And not a pathetic excuse for a veggie cooked breakfast – a proper veggie cooked breakfast with veggie sausages, mushroom, toast, beans & two fried eggs! Delicious! I was so pleased. I love a cooked breakfast & hate it when veggies get shortchanged with just extra beans & mushrooms. It was delicious. And so were the meat versions and the gluten-free version!

Limes Farm Cooked BreakfastLimes Farm is a great place to meet up & enjoy good food. It has a great atmosphere, they make great coffee and has incredible food. The food for sale in the shop looks fantastic & I will definitely be going back for some afternoon tea. If you’re nearby, make sure you drop in. You won’t be disappointed!