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Golden Ticket

Popeye at Atomic Pizza

Tonight I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Atomic Pizza. Now if you’re a regular reader you’ll know how much I love Atomic Burger. So when my OH secured a Golden Ticket for the launch night I was super excited.

Popeye at Atomic PizzaIt wasn’t quite what I expected, having picked out my choice of pizza from the menu. But it was great to try so many different pizzas (half of the pizzas are veggie!), especially as I always go for the same thing once I’ve settled on it!

There were loads more people there than I expected. And it got hot…really hot. So hot I had to take my cardi off. (And those of you who know me know how hot it must’ve been!). It was a shame, as some people didn’t have seats (I did!) & that combined with the heat, along with the fact that the pizza wasn’t distributed evenly meant that some people left before getting to sample hardly anything. I can imagine how difficult it must’ve been trying to launch a restaurant & satisfy very high expectations. It wasn’t so much of a lack of pizza either – they made 85! I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to try the Godzilla, as I will never go for the challenge! But I think my mouth is a little relieved by this!

That being said, there was a good atmosphere & the place looked great. With a free drink upon arrival & enough free pizza to fill my tum (though not my OH’s) it was a fab night. This is kind of a mini-blog because it wasn’t a normal dining experience. I will be back, very soon, to pick my own pizza, maybe even a starter & will do a full on review.

Thank you so much Atomic Pizza for having me. Love the place & will be seeing you soon x

Camden Passage

While out exploring the wonders of the Big Smoke my OH and I decided that it would be nice to head to Angel Islington. I'd never been before & only knew it as one of the pink parts of the Monopoly board!

A while ago, we'd read about a knitting shop there over on Domesticali's blog so thought it would be good to check it out. I needed a circular needle for some socks that I'm planning on knitting so thought it would be nice to buy them from Loop. I was expecting a cool (in a crafty way) place with lots to see & inspire. I wasn't disappointed. I wasn't expecting such lovely help from the people there. I've never knitted using a circular needle before & could only remember the size of it on the pattern. So when the assistant started asking me technical questions I had to 'fess up & state my ignorance. So she wrote down a few websites that will help & showed me what she meant on the pair of socks she was knitting! Very lovely help from a very lovely shop. I was super impressed.

Further along Camden Passage was a cafe called The Breakfast Club & people were queueing to get in – well that shows it must be good! The menu was pretty huge so I was glad of the queue to ensure I'd read it thoroughly. There were quite a few veggie options on it so that was good & I opted for a chocolate milkshake (nice) & a veggie sausage sandwich. In my head it was going to be a small affair – two slices of regular bread & a couple of quorn-like sausages. What I received was a sandwich the size of my face! It was a ciabatta roll with two massive veggie sausages in. The bread was really difficult to cut & the sausages crumbled the moment you put your fork in. They obviously had a high cheese content that, when combined with the slice of cheese in the sarnie, was way too much for me. I left over half of it & was pretty disappointed. What is it with veggie stuff having so much cheese?! There are other foods we can eat you know! They should've used the sausages that are for sale in the Big Bang restaurant in Oxford because they are really tasty & never fall apart.

Still not a bad afternoon at all x

Atomic Burger

Atomic Burger Menu

Atomic Burger MenuWhile I may have been too busy to be crafty this week, I have managed to enjoy a lovely dinner at Oxford’s finest burger joint, Atomic Burger. My OH & I were introducing our friends to it as they’d never been. They were not disappointed. It is by far THE best burger place around. The reason? They have an amazing menu. They have great service and a quality atmosphere. The decor is so cool and always gives you plenty to look at. Every time I go I see something new.

The food. Well it’s great – even for vegetarians like me. I always have a Forrest Gump Veggie burger, with jalapenos & BBQ sauce with plain fries. This time I also had a vanilla milkshake. The meals are so filling. We went on a Friday and had to book. It’s always really busy then which shows how great it is. There’s plenty of choice for everyone & alternatives if you don’t fancy a burger too.

If you haven’t experienced the wonder that is Atomic Burger yet then don’t hesitate another moment. Get yourself there. You won’t be disappointed.

Veggie Tapas

Bean Lasagne

Even though I love eating I do not enjoy cooking. Even though I love spending money I do not enjoy working. If I can combine these two loves then I am a very happy girl! So imagine my joy when, in a bid to help support the wonderful world of Jericho in Oxford (another of my great loves), my OH suggested we go for some tapas at Al-Andalus. Excellent, I cried. I love this place.

If you are in Oxford and you want tapas, this is the place to go. Accept no imitations. The veggie food is wonderful & I always have the Patatas Bravas & the Fritos de Queso de Cabra a la Miel (deep fried goats cheese with honey). These two as a combo are making my mouth water as I type this. Lush. 

I thought I’d try something different this time & also ordered the Brochetas de la Huerta. This is basically aubergine, cherry toms & courgette on a skewer. It totally works. Simple, effective. My final order was Espinacas a la Catalana, which is spinach & pine nuts in a garlic & tomato sauce. This worked well with all my other dishes. It filled me up quite nicely while leaving enough room for some pudding – Crema Catalana. This is a Catalan version of the Creme Brulee, which is my ‘go-to’ pudding. I will always have this if it is on offer!

All of this was washed down with a few glasses of the very delicious Otoñal Tinto Rioja wine. A fab evening, only let down by the very loud music that was played during the Sevillina dancer’s routine. I’m sure that kind of thing is great for the tourists (of which there were plenty) but I just want to eat my food & chat with my pals. Ta muchly.