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Not Another Bill

Not Another Bill

I cannot remember how I found out about this delightful little idea but if you haven’t discovered NOTANOTHERBILL.com then you must have a look at the website. It is a genius & a lovely idea. I had a look at the website & thought I’d have a go. I paid £15 which is enough for a one month subscription. This meant that I would get one thing through the post that would brighten up my day & it wouldn’t be another stupid bill.

Not Another BillI wasn’t sure when it would arrive or what it would be but on Saturday I arrived home from the Woodstock Craft Fair to find a silver envelope on the door mat. I hadn’t told my OH who was instantly jealous that I’d got an exciting looking envelope through the post! 

I received this lovely necklace from a designer called Julianna Cassandro & love it as it’s not something that I would ordinarily choose myself but I think it’s lovely. I also love the way it’s been packaged. It came wrapped around an old postcard, in some black tissue paper. I really am impressed by these little touches so will definitely be using this website again. Friends & family can also expect to receive something from here in the future too!

More Crafty Shopping

Melin Tregwynt Lamp Shade

I love it when a plan comes together. I have been searching for a few final pieces to complete my study. One thing that was proving quite difficult was a lamp stand to go with this beautiful shade from Melin Tregwynt that I received as a Christmas gift from my Mum. This is an amazing company based in Melin Tregwynt Lamp Shade Wales, near where I’m from. So, naturally, anything that I can do to support my home peeps, then I’m gonna! Especially if it means I can have something that most people I know don’t. However, finding a stand for it to go on has proved to be very difficult. Until I went for (another) mooch about Yarnton Antiques Centre today. This is a gem of a place & if you haven’t been, it is well worth a visit. There’s a real mix of stuff here. Some bargains. Some expensive pieces. But there is so much here & the staff are always really helpful. This stand was a real bargain. £20 & I got to keep the light bulb! Best if all it’s plain so I can style it up so that it really will be unique. For the moment, I’m just glad of some extra light.

I also bought a little book so that I can use the paper. I’ve been really inspired by all the people out there recycling old paper & making some really beautiful things with it. I am going to experiment with the paper from this book & see if I can make something that will go around the edge of my very cheap notice board. Will keep you posted.

Vintage Upcycled Winged Chair And finally my new chair. This is one of my best buys ever and been bought with my ‘Nana money‘. It really adds something to my study & is so comfortable. Plus, like most bits & pieces in my study, it won’t be in homes up and down the length of the country. This is what I like the most about it. It is old & was a bit tired. Now it is having a new lease of life – with me in my lovely home. I feel really blessed to have it & feel really lucky to be able to buy it. Thanks Nana x


Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes

I really enjoy baking. It’s an exact science plus, as an adult, I get to lick both the bowl & the beaters without sharing them with my pesky siblings. So any chance I get to bake, I’m gonna take it. We went to stay with some friends last night for a long overdue catch up over a take away & a (few) glasses of wine. Vintage Tala Icing Set As a thank you, my OH suggested I bake some cakes. Brilliant, I thought, a perfect chance to practice my icing skills. One of my other vintage Christmas gifts was a wonderful icing that is an original Tala one. It’s so much easier to use than a piping bag and is being remade & available at Lakeland. I couldn’t believe it when I went in to my local Lakeland shop & saw the new version of the Tala Icing Syringe Set available for a mere £22.99. Mine is an original & I got it for free! Even better.

I know that my cupcakes are good, but I really want to make them look professional. I don’t imagine that I can give up my day job & become a Chocolate Cupcakes cupcake baker anytime soon, but I would like them to look really professional. Armed with my syringe set & some fancy sprinkles, I had a go. I knew that both the mixture of the cupcakes & the frosting tasted great (obviously!) but can I get them to look great? Well, what do you think? Do they look professional or do they have a ‘homemade’ feel about them?! I did do them in a real rush, as we were running late for our friends, but I think they turned out okay. They were met with lots of ‘mmmmmm’s’ so I’m taking that as a good sign! I think practice makes perfect, so if you fancy being a taste tester, then just let me know!


Crafty Buttons

I love buttons. Always have. I like the different materials, colours & sizes. I like new & vintage. So imagine my joy on Christmas Day when my OH’s mum gave me her mother’s button collection! I was overwhelmed. Not only that, my mum also gave me the ones that were filling up her sewing box. I also inherited my Nana’s buttons when she passed away last year. This all means that I have a very awesome button collection & I love the fact that it’s from collections spanning three generations.

So how was I going to make sure I used these wonderful buttons? I was worried that I would just pack them into a box in my cupboard and forget about them. But then I had a brainwave. I’d seen pictures of people putting them & ribbons into jars. Genius, I thought, I can do that so that I can keep them out. So I ransacked the kitchen cupboards to find as many jars as I could & managed to get enough to start colour co-ordinating my beautiful buttons. (Words cannot express how much joy I had doing this!)

They are now all displayed in my study on the bookcase & look amazing. It is definitely the start of a crafty relationship!

Crafty Buttons