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Tuesday Treat – Sticker Stack

I have written many times about my love of paper and all things stationery. It’s a love affair that shows no signs of abating. Last week, while working hard, I happened to notice a little picture of an adorable little notebook in my Facebook feed and I thought to myself that I deserved a little stationery treat. So I clicked through to the Sticker Stack website and lost myself for a good half an hour, perusing their adorable stationery collection.

Sticker StackObviously, I couldn’t just buy the little notebook. That would be a waste. I wanted something else to jazz up my to do lists a bit. I generally plan my week using my ever-present & ever-grubby Filofax. While I use an array of colours, coloured tabs and highlighters throughout, I wanted something a bit different to make me smile. So I bought the big pack of stickers too and they are so cool! They make me smile so much! I also treated myself to some more washi tape, because it’s washi tape! They also popped the little dots and ‘Always Smile’ sticky notes in the envelope, which are super cute! I want to use the little planner to organise my blog posts, as I have many ideas in my head, but no where to organise them effectively. So am planning a little stationery and handwriting session with my little notebook this weekend. I can not wait!

Did you know that National Stationery Week is coming up at the end of March? I’ll be doing a few posts about that so if you want embrace your inner stationery geek, then stay tuned!

Tuesday Treat – Chamby and Cor

I first discovered Chamby and Cor over on the lovely Mathilde heart Manech blog, where the lovely Lisa had written a blog post about creating your own Washi Tape Christmas Cards. I have been a fan of washi tape for quite some time now so to find a British shop online that has some amazing designs is a real find. And not only that, but it also has lots of other amazing stationery goods worth buying, like bakers twine and pretty paper bags.

tapeThis is my favourite washi tape in the shop. I’m loving mustard colours at the moment and the flowers are really pretty and delicate. The thing I love about washi tape is that it is so versatile. You can use it in crafting, packaging and even when you’re doing DIY. If I get any spending money for Christmas, you can be sure I’m heading right here to indulge!


Tuesday Treat – Papermash

Every now and then I come across a shop that I fall in love with. Papermash is one of those shops. When I found it on Facebook, I couldn’t believe it! It’s like someone has made a shop, just for me. They do so many great things, all made out of paper, which is awesome. It makes me want to throw a party just to I can buy the decorations & the paper plates & cups, straws, all of it! They’ve also got really cute cards, notecards & post-its. All in all, it’s pretty much stationery-geek heaven! I am trying to convince myself I need these mini clipboards in my office. Perfect for list holding & planning different events, don’t you think?!

clipboardsI’m already thinking about some of the different bits & pieces I can add to my Christmas list! If you need a lovely card or some gorgeous tape & bakers twine then head to Papermash – You’ll be spoilt for choice!

A Washi Tape Christmas

Gift Wrapping

When it comes to gift wrapping, I really like wrapping presents in brown paper & jazzing it up a bit. Whether it’s bows, ribbons or stickers, it makes the whole process much more fun & creative. This year, I’ve been experimenting with washi tape. Not only have I added it to presents, I’ve also added it to plain paper bags to give them a bit of a festive face lift.

Gift Wrapping

What do you think? With this present, I’ve used a shop bought gift card, but it matches the colour of the tape pretty well. It just makes it a bit more exciting!

Washi Tape

Throughout the year, I collect paper bags. They’re great for giving bundles of presents to people or putting awkward presents in that you haven’t been able to wrap. This year, I’ve added some festive stickers, which are by East of India, and some tape. I like the end result – I’m reusing something, which is good & crafting it up to give it a good second life. Plus I don’t really like store bought gift bags unless they are something special, so by making my own Christmas gift bags, I’m making it a lot more personal! Usually I make my own gift cards from Christmas cards, but seem to have run out already & next year I want to make my own using brown tags, but more on that later!

Christmas Giftwrap

Because the bag isn’t full, I’ve crumpled some tissue paper into the top to fill it up a bit.

Do you have any Christmas wrapping tips? Do you reuse anything from one year to the next?