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Tuesday Treat – Wimbledon

Well, summer has finally arrived – Wimbledon is back on our screens and a nation holds its breath. I am a huge Wimbledon fan and watch every year. I went to Wimbledon a few years ago and it was an amazing experience. I’d love to go again so will be entering the ballot this year. Here are a few tips if you’re planning to go:

Fred Perry

  • Arrive early before the queue gets too big. There are plenty of things to see once you get in and these are best seen while the crowds are at bay. Plus, if you’ve driven and have booked parking opposite, which we did, the earlier you get there, the closer you’ll park to the venue.
  • Take something to do. I took some knitting with me and the security chap & I had a lovely discussion about it. There are going to be some quiet bits, whether you’re waiting for rain to subside or waiting for your favourite player to arrive so keep yourself occupied.
  • It’s going to rain at some point so be prepared. Pack a waterproof and/or a blanket to keep warm. This is even more important if your ticket doesn’t give you access to the seated areas.
  • It’s also pretty likely that the weather will be amazing so don’t forget your hat (not too big!), suncream (no weird tan lines please!) and your sunglasses.
  • Pack plenty of food and drink, but leave room for the strawberries. There’s some pretty decent food at Wimbledon, but it’s not the cheapest and there are queues so pack yourself an epic picnic, sit back and chow down. There are places to fill up your water bottles too so that’ll save you some pennies to spend on the strawberries and cream. It’s a must!
  • Be ready to pap celebrities just don’t ask John Mcenroe for an autograph. I saw a guy approach him while he was on the phone, (which is a bit rude anyway) and he just breezed past him! Burn! But we saw loads of celebs, which is always fun so have your cameras ready to Instagram away.
  • If you’ve always wanted a Wimbledon tennis ball, then why not buy one used by the players? They sell off the used ones from the previous matches. This is well worth doing as while they might not be good enough for continuing in the match, but they make for an excellent keepsake or gift for any tennis fans in your life.
  • Turn your phone off! For the love of all that is good and holy, don’t be that person who has to be shushed by the Umpire and receive menacing stares from the players.

Have you been to Wimbledon? If so, what’s your number one top tip? Who do you want to win this year?

Tuesday Treat – Wimbledon

I don’t know about you but I am a huge fan of Wimbledon. I’ve been watching it for as long as I can remember, getting behind whatever British player was on screen, though, sadly, not for long until Andy Murray came along and changed all that. Nothing says British summer time more than Wimbledon!

WimbleballLast year, I was lucky enough to go to Wimbledon. I entered the Public Ballot (& will be doing so again this year) & received two tickets for the Mens Finals Day. Sadly, we were on Court no. 1, not Centre Court, so we didn’t get to see Andy Murray battle it out. But we did get plenty of shelter from the rain, do quite a bit of celeb-spotting & we ate delicious strawberries & drank tasty Pimms. If you’ve never been, it’s well worth it. Such an amazing day out. Will you be watching the finals this weekend? Who will you be rooting for?

A Crafty Chai at Wimbledon

Andy Murray at Wimbledon

Fred Perry at WimbledonThis time last week I was at Wimbledon. I have wanted to go to Wimbledon for as long as I can remember but with teaching, it was always going to be tricky. As I knew I wasn’t going to be doing that this year, I entered the public ballot. And got Finals Day tickets! The only downside was that we got tickets for Court No. 1, not Centre Court. But we decided to go anyway.

They were playing the Boys finals and the Invitation Ladies finals on Court Number 1 and we were quite keen to watch them. Well, we were before a certain Mr Murray got himself into the final! We had planned to sit on Murray Mound, but with the torrential rain we’ve been getting, we thought it would be better to play it by ear and decide on the day.

When we arrived we wanted to have a look around. We were about the 10th people in the queue at our gate, but by the time we got in, the mound was already packed – and waterlogged! I didn’t want to just spend the whole day protecting our blanket on the hill so we gave up on that idea. We continued walking around & I bought my Wimbledon towel. I’ve wanted one for ages! By then we needed a cup of tea & we headed to the food village. After that we had another look around, mainly to find some cheaper Pimms, Clare Balding at Wimbledonwhich we found at the Champagne bar. Delicious! On our way there, we spotted the lovely Clare Balding who was doing some recording for 5Live, and I couldn’t resist taking a picture! At least it isn’t like my scary pap of Raymond Blanc, where he’s looking right at me while I take his picture without his permission and he doesn’t seem impressed!

Anyway, after spotting Steve Redgrave, Virginia Wade and John Mcenroe, we headed to our seats on Court no. 1. It was amazing! We had a great view, even though we were quite far back. I was very grateful for being so far back when it rained again later on. People sitting down by the court got completly drenched, as did the people on the hill. After the boys final we went out for lunch & got some pizza and the obligatory strawberries and cream, which were a very respectable £2.50. The veggie options were pretty decent – You could get a veggie pizza or stir-fry in the main food village, and there were plenty of sandwiches, cakes & crisps to munch on. While our court was out of action, they played the match from Centre Court once the roof had closed. But when the rain stopped, they started preparing the court for the boy’s doubles finals. So we went to see if there was any space on the hill. There wasn’t & Court No. 2 was packed too so we decided to head home & hope Andy could it take it to a 5 set match. Sadly this wasn’t to be the case and we heard him become a runner-up while we were stuck in traffic.

Andy Murray at Wimbledon

It was such a fab day & I’m definitely going to enter the public ballot again. The food & drink was much less than I expected and our tickets were really reasonable at £26 each. The whole day was much cheaper than a lot of other major sporting events I’ve been to (I’m talking about you, British Grand Prix!). Wimbledon was positively lovely, despite the rain & a certain Swiss!