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Christmas Wish List – Nature Friendly

Christmas Wish List - Nature Friendly

It’s so easy to give throw-away gifts at Christmas. You know what I mean, the type you get because you don’t know what else to get or because they were on 3 for 2 at Boots. So why not be a bit inventive & find something a little more eco-friendly and a little bit different? (Because how many No 7 make-up cases can a girl really receive?!)

Christmas Wish List - Nature Friendly

Top Row: Bee Hotel. Book Brooch.

Middle Row: Dog Jumper.

Bottom Row: Lavender Bunny. Beano Paper Chain.

All these gifts are available from Folksy, as are many other sustainable and nature friendly products. Buying them would also support British makers too. Very ethical all round! I think they’re all really inventive ideas and love the Bee Hotel. We have a similar one in the garden and currently have about 12 Mason bees hibernating in it! How cool is that?!

Christmas Wish List – Craft Kits

Christmas Wish List - Craft Kits

There’s always one thing that I am going to enjoy receiving at Christmas and that’s a craft kit. You get the enjoyment of opening the present on Christmas Day and then the enjoyment and fullfilment of making the kit later on in the year. One big problem though is that a lot of kits are children. Great for them, not so great if you aren’t one. So I’ve had a look around for some great kits that adults might also enjoy doing.

Christmas Wish List - Craft Kits

Top Row: Bobby Pins. Sock Monkey. Stuffed Owl.

Bottom Row: Papercut Kit. Create a Gnome kit.

I’ve picked ones that are a bit different, fun & creative. Plus I’d like to receive any and all of them (hint, hint!) Most are from Etsy, but not all are UK based, so if you wanted some as Christmas gifts, you’d better get ordering! I think any crafter would enjoy receiving these in their homemade stockings from Father Christmas, don’t you?!

Christmas Wish List – Bags

Christmas Wish List - Bags

Anyone else starting to think about Christmas? Yep, me too. I’m trying to think about what I need and am starting to look to see what’s out there. So over the coming weeks I’ll be posting a few wishlists that focus on things that I need from Santa.

One thing I do need is a new bag. One that I can take my laptop, notebook, pencil case & other handbag junk in. But I don’t want just any bag. I want something a bit different, unique, smart but cool. So here’s a small wish list of a few bags that are out there. Something that suits both work & casual trips to town. So, have a look at these beautiful bags. Which would you pick?

Christmas Wish List - Bags

Top left: Proenza
Schouler large tan leather satchel. Top right: Dr.
Martens flower Liberty print satchel. Middle: Alexander Wang Black Jane shoulder bag. Bottom left: Dr.
Martens flower Liberty print satchel. Bottom right: Marc Jacobs blue Natasha satchel.

Now this is a true wish list (Don’t worry, family members, I won’t expect all of these!). But how great are these bags. I really like the satchel style ones. They’re in style but quirky too. I think my favourite is the Dr. Martens flower Liberty print satchel. It’s bright, perfect for these dark winter days, & really cool. But then, when aren’t Dr. Martens products really cool?!

What do you think? Which one do you like the best? Have you started compiling a wish list? If so, why not leave a link in the comments section below. Why not start here, in the Liberty Bags section?

I am working with Liberty and this is a collaborative post.