My sister has been up visiting this weekend, and whilePink Fizz I cooked dinner for us all on Friday, no one should be subjected to it two nights in a row. So we headed to The Magdalen Arms for dinner on Saturday. I was a little apprehensive about the veggie options because they don’t publish the menu in advance &, as you know, I’m fussy!

Fortunately I was in luck. Not only did they have great veggie food that I liked, I actually had choices! This is pretty rare for me so I tried to go for things that I wouldn’t ordinarily choose. The starter was the toughest, with the choice ranging from vegetable tempura (which my sister had & was lush) to a bowl of Padron Peppers. This was described by the waitress as peppers in their simplest form, slightly grilled with a little seasoning. I went for the peppers & I wasn’t disappointed.

Padron Peppers

They were green peppers so they had a strong flavour and some had a lovely warmth to them. They were delicious and light. A perfect veggie starter. I was so glad I picked them. For my main, I ordered the tagliatelle, which came with mushrooms and an olive oil & garlic dressing. Again, it was perfect. So often I’ve eaten risotto or pasta dishes that seem to have a fields worth of mushrooms in them and over power it. This didn’t it was tasty, light and a reasonable size. I was pretty pleased, especially as it meant that I had room for pudding!

Mushroom Tagliatelle

Again, there was plenty of choice when it came to pudding and again, I went for something that I wouldn’t ordinarily have – Ice Cream. I didn’t want something that would make me too full, and they had a great choice of praline or chocolate caramel meringue. I opted for a scoop of both & I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, they were so delicious and the portion so generous that I failed to finish it (My OH valiantly stepped in & ate the remaining mouthfuls!) It was so tasty that I couldn’t wait to eat it & failed to take a picture! Oops! So here’s a picture of the bowl! Enjoy x

Praline Ice Cream

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat in Oxford that’s a bit different with a relaxed feel & great surroundings, then try The Magdalen Arms. The food is excellent & the service was great. I’ll definitely be going back!

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