Today’s Tuesday Treat is garden related because it’s finally sunny!

One of the reasons I’ve been waiting for summer is for my plants to grow. I’ve only got a few plants in pots as the garden is being renovated. The rain has made everything slow down, but finally, I saw a red strawberry!

Homegrown Strawberry

I know it looks a bit odd, but that’s half the charm! It was very tasty, so much nicer than the strawberries you buy in some big supermarkets. Yesterday I sat out in the garden and had to take a picture of the sky – it was blue and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! So beautiful & such a long time coming that I thought that it should be shared.

Blue Sky

How blue is that sky?! It almost makes up for the months of rain, doesn’t it?! Anyway, long may it continue because my strawberry plants are growing & the strawberries in the picture below have turned red since yesterday morning. I can’t wait to eat them!

Strawberry Plants

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