One of the best things about having a dog is that it makes you go out and find new places to walk throughout the year. It’s through dog walking that I’ve really started to see the world around me and all the wonderful things sharing it with me. Yes, I’ve even started to get excited about seeing new birds and insects that I’ve never seen before! When was the last time you stopped and enjoyed nature? Trust me, it’s good for the soul. Taking part in BBOWT’s 30 Days Wild is a great opportunity to get out and explore the nature around you. It won’t take long before you’re appreciating the world around you. Here are some wild things I enjoyed on Sunday.

Lake Bee Grebe

You’ve got to be out there, exploring, to really get the most of what’s around us and boy there’s a lot out there. Whether it’s something as simple as watching the bees getting pollen of the lavender bush in the garden, waiting for my peonies to bloom or trying to spot a cuckoo in the tree, getting out and making a bit of time for nature does wonders.

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