Life can be really tough sometimes. And if you’re anything like me, which I know some of you are from your Twitter feeds, you¬†constantly¬†beat yourself up for all the things that go wrong or you fail to achieve or jobs you didn’t cross off from your ‘To Do’ list. So I think it’s important to celebrate little achievements and victories whenever you can. Whether you celebrate with an extra Digestive with your cup of tea or go all out & treat yourself with a manicure or shopping spree, it’s important to take a little time & acknowledge it.

Sleepy Poppy

Today I am celebrating a few Poppy related victories. During Sunday’s training, she was by far the best dog. One of the reasons being that she had the best recall of all the dogs. This is a victory because when we adopted her, recall was one thing she wasn’t good at. Inspired by this, yesterday we let her off the lead for the first time in the park! We practised recall off the lead & she was ace! My OH stood at one end & I stood at the other and we called her between us, practising using the command ‘Here’. Little Poppy with her giant ears flapping about sprinted from me to him & back again, then sat patiently waiting for her treat at each end. She looked hilarious! I’m desperate to try & record a video of it. She’s also started playing more & focusing on us more when we’re out on walks. We are so proud of how far she’s come in such a short space of time.

What are your small victories? How do you celebrate them?

(The picture above is nothing to do with Poppy’s recall – I just think she looks supercute! This is the space next to my side of the bed by the wall. When she’s being a bit clingy she curls up in this space and hopes we don’t notice so we’ll let her sleep in with us. Nice try!)

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