As an early Christmas present, Phil got me the box set of Fear the Walking Dead. (I say box set, but there are only 6 episodes.) As a Walking Dead fan, I was keen to see how it compared. It’s set at the beginning of the outbreak, if you can call it that, when no one knows what’s going on or how the ‘flu’ is spread. Watching it after The Walking Dead is quite interesting, as you know so much more than the characters do. One thing that did surprise me was the speed in which people learnt how to deal with the walkers and how quickly people were prepared to put down their own. Needless to say we’ve quickly sped through the series and I can’t wait to get the next one.

The characters are an interesting mix and I’m not sure which ones I like yet and which ones I’ll be happy to be eaten by a rampaging herd. None the less, there are plenty of scenes which make you jump and had me screaming out ‘No, you need to shoot them in the head!’ Not sure if it’s for you? Have a look at the trailer. If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead or zombies in general, then I think you’ll like this.

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