It’s happened. I’ve finally got myself a Fitbit. I’ve become addicted to counting my steps, seeing how far I’ve walked and how many calories I’ve burnt. Not only that, I also obsess over beating the steps my friends have taken. I’m thinking this is a good obsession, as it helps to keep me fit and active. Walking is the only exercise I currently do and it’s pretty good. It’s free, easy to do and doesn’t impact on my joints too much. Plus, walking Poppy fits in nicely, though her sleepy face after spending a morning walking through the countryside shows that she’s always happy when the walk is over!

FitBit One

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After a lot of consideration, I chose the Fitbit one. I didn’t want to wear something on my wrist all the time and this fits discreetly on my waistband or underwear. This also helps me to forget that it’s there and means I’m happily surprised when I check in. I like that you can update your goals, cheer your friends and link it with other apps, including My Fitness Pal and Lifesum. For me, that’s really useful, as it helps me to see how well I’m doing. It also helps us to plan walks for the weekend and I’d really like to do a walking holiday – as long as we can stay in luxurious hotels with spas along the way!

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  1. Cool. Someone from here is going walking in the Dolomites, having done Nepal last year.

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