Last week, I wrote about Earthmiles, which is a great way to earn rewards and discounts off a huge array of healthy goodies. One of the rewards I spent some of my earthmiles on was a Good Health Box. Since becoming vegan, I’ve had to change some of what I eat, mostly in a positive way, but there is an awful lot of accidentally vegan junk food out there and that’s not good for my waist line. When I saw the Good Health Box on Earthmiles, I thought I’d give it a go. I do love a good box of goodies, whether they’re paper based or delicious treats. It’s always a good way to find new products.

Good Health Box

This box arrived towards the end of a very long day in the middle of a very long week before half term. When I got home, I was proper hangry and dived straight in to the coconut flapjack, which was lush, and had the Pulsin brownie (made of fruit!) for pudding. I’d definitely have both again. I wasn’t a fan of the naked toffee nibbles, though think they’d be great in porridge or something like that. The Good Health Box enables you to pick between a vegan, gluten free, protein or health box. There are two different sizes (the above is the smaller size) and there’s also a design your own box, where you can pick your own contents, though this is only available in the larger size. Prices range from £17.50 to £32, though I paid less for mine because of my Earthmiles reward. You can get just one trial box, which I did, or sign up to monthly boxes. A great way to treat yourself to something healthy!

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