Well I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to Autumn. I like living in a country where the seasons are so different. I enjoyed the warm summer days we had in July and am glad that, while Autumn is on its way, there are a few of these lovely days left. What’s even better, is when you find little hidden gems to enjoy them.

Abingdon Oasis

We found this little hidden gem while walking around Radley Lakes in Abingdon a weekend or so ago. The weather was surprisingly warm considering it’s been such a cold August – I had to take my coat off, it was that warm! We had a lovely walk around the Lake then went off on a bit of tangent in search of the Thames path. We found this gorgeous lake, that had beautifully clear water, which Poppy paddled in, some fish, ducks and even a kingfisher! I’ve never seen one before, so was really thrilled to see it. (I like to get my nature geek on occasionally, as long as nature keeps a respectable distance!) Having lived in Abingdon for nearly five years, I’m amazed at how much of it I don’t yet know. This little gem is a definite keeper for dog walks. Love it!

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