I don’t know about you but I am swamped. I think it’s that time of year, you know, catching up with friends, emailing people about Christmas, shopping for Christmas, work deadlines… and so it goes on. I had a crazy busy week last week so decided that I needed to switch off and relax on Sunday, a fact reinforced when I fell over putting my pants on. Yep. All time low! So Sunday morning was pj’s & pancakes day.


I made sure we had all the ingredients we needed, including super warm & comfy pj’s and set about making an awesome breakfast. I had a fried egg with mine, while my OH had some bacon. It was awesome! We ate them on the sofa while catching on Borgen (love that show!). Then it was time to take Poppy out for a walk before heading back to the sofa! It was, all in all, a pretty lovely lazy Sunday. Perfect!

(I used a picture of my OH’s pancakes as I ruined my fried egg & it looked awful in the picture!)

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