February. Isn’t it great getting January out the way? It was a crazy busy month for me and now I’m paying the price with a horrible cold. In a bid to delay the onset of the cold (it’s been lurking for about two weeks) and to eat more fruit & veg, I’ve been looking for ways to make fruit and veg more exciting. I’m a really fussy eater, made worse by being vegetarian. You’d think being vegetarian would mean I eat plenty of vegetables. Alas, this is not the case. Sadly, there are no vegetables in fizzy cola bottles. And I’m lazy and hate cooking (Hello Dominos!). I was feeling really sluggish, so thought I should try eating like a grown up for a change. I’ve started reading Laura’s blog, Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish and it’s full of great healthy eating tips and I noticed that she’d eaten one of these.

nakd bars

I am in love with these nakd bars and the coco delight and berry cheeky flavours are my favourite. They are a great way for me to eat more fruit (one bar counts as your one of your five a day) and they’re made from natural ingredients (so no added sugar). I could eat them all day long, but limit myself to one a day, max. I’ve also been eating massive salads and more fresh fruit, as well as limiting my junk food intake (haven’t eaten any cola bottles in nearly 2 weeks!). As I’ve been poorly, I haven’t yet noticed a change to my energy levels, but it can’t hurt right? I was also going to start exercising again this week, but needing to blow my nose every five minutes has put an end to that. (Did I say that I’ve been ill?!)

Do you manage to eat your five a day? I’d love to hear any healthy eating tips you might have. I need all the help I can get!

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  1. I hope you start feeling better soon! January isn’t my favourite month of the year either, the warmer the better, I feel! Im loving Nakd bars right now for snacks, although Ive never seen the rhubarb and custard ones – I will be on the hunt for those!


    • Hi Lucie,

      I’m feeling much better now, thanks, though the cold has lingered on somewhat! The rhubarb and custard are my least favourite, but I love the cocoa ones! Delicious!

  2. Love Nakd bars. The Rhubarb and Custard are the absolute best!
    I try to get 5 a day but often fail. Recently, I’ve been trying to have a piece of fruit with lunch, a smoothie in the morning and I try to add cucumber and watercress to sandwiches in addition to veg with meals. Some days it works, some days I fail on all counts!
    Hope you’re feeling better.

    • Hi Hazel,

      Thanks so much. I’m feeling much better now, though still a bit sniffly! I’m quite a fussy eater so am not a huge fan of smoothies, soups and juices so am having big salads with everything. Have to say, I’m feeling much better for it, as I’m also trying to limit the amount of bread and other carbs I eat too. Though, just like you, some days are better than others!

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