I’d seen people talking about Seasalt on Twitter a few times before, but I’d never really paid it much attention. Then Sunday afternoon, my OH suggested I take a look at their site. I’ve been after a lightweight waterproof rain jacket, perfect for April showers, that won’t make me feel like boil in the bag rice. I had one that has since made its way to raincoat heaven, after years of valuable service. We walk Poppy whatever the weather, but having the right kit is essential if you don’t want to change your clothes twenty times a day. Being caught in a recent downpour while making my way to and from the hairdressers recently made me realise a new rain jacket that could cope with British weather is now essential. So I had a look at Seasalt and promptly fell in love.

Four Cross Raincoat

I’ve spent quite a while looking for a coat but they’ve either been way over budget, horrible or exactly the same design as my OH’s coat. (We have a history of accidently buying similar clothes and looking like twins. It’s not a good look!) To be honest, I could’ve bought half a dozen coats from the Seasalt website, but decided to pop down to their nearest sale shop and see if I could get a bargain. Lo and behold, I could. They had the Four Cross Raincoat (above) in my size in the seconds section. It has a slight fault on the fabric but you wouldn’t notice it unless it was pointed out to you. And it meant that it was reduced to £85. Bargain! Well within my budget and with a some birthday money, I also scored a couple of pairs of trousers for the summer. Since Sunday afternoon, I have spent a slightly addictive amount of time on the Seasalt website, thinking ‘oh, that looks nice’ or ‘I really need that poncho’ and ‘That’s so me! Gotta have it’! It’s almost like someone has created a website of clothes just for me. And lots of the clothes are blue. My favourite colour and the colour that most of my clothes currently are! You can never have too many blue clothes. Fact.

Are you a Seasalt fan? What’s your favourite clothes of the moment?

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    • Jenny, I haven’t stopped looking at the website since I found it! Everytime I look at it, I find more things that I really need 😉

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