Nothing will stop me skim reading my Twitter timeline than a picture of a blanket. I love blankets. If I had more money, Crafty Chai towers would be covered in them, from head to toe. As it is, I have at least permanently stationed anywhere I’m going to be sitting for extended periods of time, as well as a few that I’ve inherited from friends and family over the years. So when I saw a picture of the blankets for sale over on Shedquarters, I had to stop what I was doing and take a look. In an instant, I knew I’d found heaven.


I knew it was heaven because not only do they sell gorgeous blankets, they also sell some gorgeous stationery. As I needed some birthday cards, I popped this little notepad in my online shopping basket as well. What can I say, I needed it! Plus, it suits my budget a little bit more right now than the gorgeous blankets Shedquarters have, though I am seriously thinking about adding one to my Christmas list. One in every colour? Santa can manage that!

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