Does anyone else feel like the whole of the UK breathes a sigh of relief every time the sun appears? Like we’re all thinking, thank goodness it’s not raining today?! I know I do. We didn’t get flooded over the winter, but we certainly got sick of it. Walking Poppy is no fun in the rain, especially as she has to smell every little thing! Despite that, Poppy is very happy to see the sun too. She’s a real sunworshipper and will seek out any spot of the warm stuff in the house, often leaving me on my own, which is most unusual for her!

sundogThe only drawback about the good weather is that it means it’s time to spring clean and start planning diy and gardening chores. I’m not really ready for that yet, mainly because I know we’ve got lots and lots of jobs that need doing, and it’s a little overwhelming. I’m still happy to hibernate on the sofa, watching Game of Thrones reruns in front of the fire! Just like Poppy, I’m always looking for the warmest spot in the room!

How about you? Are you done with hibernating and ready to spring clean the place or do you want a few more days hiding under the blanket in your favourite warm spot?


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