One of the things I love about autumn and winter is the excuse to wear lots of knitted goodies. As a result, I have a ridiculous number of wooly hats, gloves and scarves. At the moment, I’m just waiting for it to get cold enough to pull them out and wear them to my hearts content! Despite having so many, I just can’t help myself and am drawn to finding new ones!

Spectator cycle hat

This Snug Spectator Merino Bike hat was created by Stitch-Mi-Lane, which is a lovely ‘super small company’ who make cycle inspired bits and pieces. Not only that, everything is designed and made in the UK and you’ll be told who made your order, which is lovely! Whether you’re looking for something warm and cosy for yourself or a Christmas present for the cycling fan in your life, take a look at Stitch-Mi-Lane. You won’t be disappointed!

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