There’s nothing like a bit of warm weather to put a spring in your step, is there? While the weather was awful on my birthday, which spoilt my plans a bit, the weather over the last few days has been much better. We enjoyed doing a bit of work in the garden, which has moved on quite a bit since I last blogged about it, I’m pleased to report! We dug out a new border and landscaped the back of the garden, which will be free to wild flowers & bugs galore. We’re hoping to help the bee & butterfly community a bit. Not only that, but I enjoyed my first locally grown strawberries! What a treat!


Strawberries are my favourite fruit, but I can’t stand the ones that are force grown & imported from abroad. I want my strawberry to taste like a strawberry, funnily enough! Nothing says summer to me like a British strawberry. Just hope the sun is going to play his part too!

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