Phew! The last few weeks have just been crazy, with getting the garden sorted to having lots of guests, I’ve been swamped! All good, but it does mean that I really treasure those little quiet moments, usually when I’m walking Poppy. It gives my brain a little chance to have a breather. The recent good weather has also been great. Instead of hurrying about the park, Poppy & I have just kind of sauntered along – Her sniffing squirrels, me just taking it all in. Despite being hot & bothered, sweaty & tired, I do really like the summer sun.

Summer Days

We’re very lucky to live near this park. Just by the entrance, in the evening as the sun starts to go down, a gap in the trees warms the path. Poppy always stops here for a wee and a sniff. The other day, after a massive cleaning and clearing session, we were making our way slowly around the park. Poppy stopped, with the lead at full extension and my hand was held out in the sun. I noticed a butterfly, that had been sitting in the sun, flying around, when all of a sudden, it landed on my hand. I couldn’t believe it! It was like something out of a film! It only stayed there for a few seconds, but it was just one of those moments that just takes your breath away. This gave me another reason to enjoy these warm summer days!

Don’t you just love nature?! Have you been enjoying the recent warm weather?

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