Let me preempt this post by saying that I don’t play computer games, save for the odd game of Solitaire or Sudoku on my phone, usually when I’m waiting for someone. So for me to download a game (granted, it was free. Always a bonus.) and still be playing it weeks after I downloaded it to my iPad is testament indeed. Not without its flaws, TwoDots is brilliant, mainly because it’s simple. You have to connect the dots. There you have it.

Two Dots

As I said, it has its flaws. Some of the levels are incredibly difficult and frustrating. I’ve never sworn at a game so much since playing the Super Mario Brothers kart game on the Wii! It does seem that some levels are so difficult that you need to buy extras in order to complete them. But having said that, I’m on level 90 and I’ve only bought one bomb and one batch of 5 extra moves, so I’m not sure how true that is. Granted, I have looked on YouTube for help, but so much of it is down to luck and what colour dots you get. This not only adds to the frustration when the dots don’t go in your favour, but it also adds to the immense joy when you *finally* complete a level that has been testing your patience for weeks!

Have you tried TwoDots? I’d love to know what level you’re on and if you have any tips!

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